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Bing cashback on eBay

Posted in Advertising by Anthony (Tony) Emerson on July 3, 2009
Bing gives cashback for some PPC clients

Bing gives cashback eBay now

MSN always had a “Cashback” program, but it’s greatly expanded with the release of Bing. Around June 20, everybody started noticing that eBay was one of its affiliates.

I don’t know about everybody else, but I consider eBay one of the most advanced marketplaces that exists. Supply and demand seem to be perfectly matched in thousands of deals a day. It’s also where I get the majority of my sneaker collection, most of which gets resold for a 20-35% profit. (Much better than most of my stock picks – forget about it.)

The problem is I have to wait at least a year for shoes to appreciate (demand increases as an already limited supply of unworn sneakers dwindles), mainly due to shipping costs that I need to cover. If I can save 8% on an order, I may be able to save myself some time and closet space, too.


Coors stand-up comedian commercials insult my intelligence

Posted in Advertising by Anthony (Tony) Emerson on July 1, 2009

I saw this commercial for the Coors, which is a stand-up comedian making a joke about the color changing cans, followed by a run-off-the-mill spot also for Coors. These cans, by the way, enjoyed the lowest usefulness to ad spend ratio of any product ever until June, when Microsoft launched Bing.

I can understand advertising being low brow. You don’t want to waste any impressions on morons by using a creative execution that’s above their heads.